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The Gild Club Marketing Plan consists of four packages of entry which allows you to book towards the purchase of 24 Karati 999.9t gold investment bars. Each package has been carefully planned to satisfy the needs of each and every client all over the world.  Gild Club offers this opportunity taking into account the geographical areas, individual customers with a budget or those who want to accumulate gold over a short time. Acquiring 24 Karati 999.9 gold investment bars implies accumulating day by day, month by month, an  economic resource with a steady growth in its value over time.



Entrance Packages


At the time of subscription, each client has the possibility to choose from four different plans of accumulation. You can also choose more than one plan of accumulation and of any nature. Gild Club’s entrance packages are:


Bronze Pack deposit of € 35,00 to acquire Gold Bars of € 1.225,00
Rhodium Pack
deposit of € 350,00 to acquire Gold Bars of € 12.2500,00
Silver Pack
deposit of € 1.050,00 to acquire Gold Bars of € 36.750,00
Gold Pack
deposit of € 2.100,00 to acquire Gold Bars of € 73.500,00